From out of nowhere... Lights of Marfa. Just like the mysterious lights on the horizon in Marfa, TX, the band Lights of Marfa appears and transports you to an extraordinary place. They instantly capture your attention. For a moment, riveted, you are in their world.

Corey, David, Marcus, and Tommy. Bringing musical roots from Chicago, Boston, Florida, and Texas, this alchemy was then fused in the musicians' mecca...Nashville.

The Lights of Marfa experience has been compared to Muse, U2, and Three Days Grace. The haunting melodies stay in your head long after one listen.

Just as you don't forget the sight of the mysterious lights on the horizon, you won't forget the sound of the Lights of Marfa.

Lights of Marfa is:
Dave Latimer - Drums | Corey Rozzoni - Guitar | Jon Naglieri - Guitar
Tommy Stanley - Vocals | Marcus West - Bass



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