Our Donors

We would like to thank those who have given donations to help CAMMO in assisting our veterans and service members! Listed below are organizations that have done so in such a huge way and CAMMO wants to recognize them. Again, every dollar counts and we thank you for your contribution!

California Institute of Contemporary Arts 

The Bradley Foundation

Veterans United Foundation

CAMMO's Mission

There are two prongs to the CAMMO mission:

  • To create music-based therapeutic programming and outlets for service members, veterans and family members
  • To train and educate service members, veterans, and their families in music career opportunities including artist development


This organization is on target with its mission because it believes in the power of music to restore, inspire, and open doors to our veterans and service members. With that said, the financial contributions of our donors have been a tremendous help and we ask for your continued support as the services rendered by CAMMO expand. If you've never given, we ask that you consider the life-changing effects your gift will have on a U.S. veteran or service member suffering from PTSD or TBI. Every dollar counts!