Outlaw 2-1

This group has continued writing original music with blistering guitar solos, inspired vocals and a solid rhythm that rocks any crowd. 
Taking the name “Outlaw 2-1” from Dale’s Army unit and his personal call sign. 

Dale Beatty, Percussion

Dale Beatty is a retired Staff Sergeant who was injured in Iraq in 2004. Even though Dale lost both legs during combat he continues to play drums without using any special equipment. Music has helped empower Dale and recover from his injuries. Anyone who sees this drummer with prosthetics will be inspired as well. 

Eric Hartness – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica

Eric Hartness is a true country boy. His roots are tied to Love Valley, NC. Eric still carries on the tradition of a dying breed working the land and horsemanship. Eric's vocals and harp playing stay true to those country roots and it comes through in his unrepeatable style. Eric is a veteran of the 101st Airborne.

Stephen Sharpe – Lead Guitar, Vocals

Stephen Sharpe has been a musician since the age of 6. He continued to add numerous skills by constantly challenging himself in different genres. Bluegrass, Blues, Rock and Country are all within Stephen's range. His love remains with Outlaw Country. Listen to his slide skill and get chills.

Brian Gaither – Rhythm Guitar

Brian Gaither has played music for 25 plus years. You can always expect to see him playing a vintage guitar as he has a love for that vintage sound. His band mates love that sound too and know they can rely on Brian "the machine" Gaither

Tommy Beaver – Bass Guitar

Tommy Beaver is a true musician who has a talent with any instrument he picks up. "The Beave" completes one of the most solid rhythm sections around. His abilities are readily apparent as you listen to those righteous bass grooves.